Beautiful Patterned Ball Gowns And Prom Dresses

I am a great lover of patterns, especially on prom dresses and ball gowns! A patterned prom dress can give you all sorts of 'looks' colorful and fun, elegant and refined, sexy and wild, there are all kinds of awesome patterns and prints to suit any mood or occasion!

I am always on the hunt for more amazing patterned gowns to add to this page, so expect this collection to grow.

All of the dresses here can be purchased online, (just click on the pictures for all of the dress details. Some of them are also available in other colors too.)

My Favorite Pattern Ball Gowns

I've picked out a selection of very different dresses here to show the versatility of patterns on evening wear. Whatever look you are going for patterns and detailing can be very effective in creating a really eye-catching outfit, if they are done right, and with a sympathetic eye for color, they work well on almost every style of evening dress.

Colorful Floral Ball Gowns 

These floral ball gowns are full of fabulous colors, if you want to stand out, a dress like this will ensure of that! Floral print evening dresses don't have to be an all-out riot of color though, two of the dresses below are fine examples of more muted flower patterns. These dresses focus on just a few colors to draw together their scheme, I like the way the colors compliment and work with each other.

Soo Pretty! Black Floral Pattern Gown 

This dress is a mixture of elegant, exciting, classy, sexy, interesting, and beautiful! All rolled into one! It is such a statement dress that I would go very light on the accessories, delicate black sandals, or pumps would be lovely, even some pretty flats.

Gorgeous Animal Print Ball Gowns

I love, love, love, these beautiful animal print prom gowns below! I really like the colors used (I know I keep saying that, but I am an artist, and I love color!) What I love about these colors are that the designers have used the kind of colors that you would find in a Savannah, or Jungle, which really, really works with the animal print.

 These dresses prove that animal print can be very classy!

This one has an owl print on it, not your normal 'animal print' for an evening dress, but it works and looks cute!

The little owls are sitting on branches, which cover the dress and there are flower details among the owls and branches.

Colorful Ball Gowns With Stripe Patterns 

Shoes To Match A Pattern Ball Gown Or Pattern Prom Dress 
If you are going for a pattern ball gown or pattern prom dress, you want your dress to have the most impact, I would suggest wearing a pair of shoes in one color, and not patterned shoes.

 Choose a color from out of the pattern on your dress and pick a pair of shoes to match, if you find this hard then go for gold, silver, rhinestone, or black.