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Dresses Coloring For Kids And Adults - With My Own Designs

When I was young, like many a little girl I was obsessed with my mothers clothes, her beautiful dresses in particular. One of my favorite hobbies was to make dress up dolls out of paper with a variety of pretty gowns based on my mothers own dresses. 

Another very satisfying hobby was drawing and coloring beautiful pictures of dresses which I would stick in a scrap book and dream about owning when I was older!

A Dress Coloring Page That I am Shading In

I am using colored pencils and pantone markers to color this old fashioned dresses coloring page, you can find this page to color yourself in the link below.

Find The Dress Coloring Page Above Here! - Print off this free dress coloring page and have a go..

The dress coloring page above that I am coloring came from a great website called Karen's Whimsy, this site has many public domain images, coloring pages, and other cool crafting stuff.

Flower Pattern Modern Dress 

Cute Princess Dresses To Color

Polka Dot Princess Dress With Bow 

Free Printable Princess Dresses Coloring Pages

These coloring pages focus on the beauty of princess dresses, kids can color in their favorite dress designs, and even add their own details to the design.
After they have colored the picture of their choice, why not get them to stick sequins, glitter, bows and other pretty decals to it.

If you or your child love dresses then this video of historic dress will really appeal. Shot at the Victoria and Albert museum, which is one of my favorite museums (the Natural History Museum is my top favorite) it shows a range of historical dresses. There are some really unusual and beautiful dresses which take us back in time and re-visit some of the fashions of the past.

Old Fashioned Princess Dress

Art Nouveau Ladies Wearing Beautiful Dresses That You Can Color

Art Nouveau ladies wear the most beautiful, flowing gowns! They are often accented with gorgeous flower and scroll details and are a pleasure to color.
These pictures are so lovely that they would look amazing framed and hung on a wall.

Art Nouveau Era Dresses

I love all these videos of different historic dresses, this one is very nicely put-together and shows dresses from the Art Nouveau era. These are some of my favorite styles of dresses and I have another page which talks about them more here Edwardian And Post-Edwardian Fashions. 

A Gorgeous Art Nouveau Lady That I Am Coloring

Art Nouveau Ladies Coloring Book

The pictures of the wonderful art nouveau ladies in this coloring book are by my favourite artist, Alphonse Mucha.

His designs feature beautiful ladies with flowing dresses and head-dresses, often framed by intricate flower and scrolling details - now you can color these awesome images yourself.

All Sorts Of Dress Coloring Sheets!

.Lots of different types of dresses, one idea for after these sheets have been colored is to cut out each style of dress and make a great big fashion collage. This can be done on a large piece of card (cover it with some sparkly or patterned gift wrap) then make your collage on top
12 Little Girls In Formal Dresses
12 sweet little girls and their different formal dresses to print off and color.
Beautiful Prom Dress Coloring Page
A beautiful prom dress coloring page suitable for older kids, and even teens, features a prom queen wearing an amazing dress.
Simple Prom Dress Coloring Page
A cute and simple prom dress to print and color, ideal for younger kids.
15 Pretty Dresses Coloring Pages
These coloring pages feature pretty dresses and shopping for pretty dresses, there are designs suitable for all kids here.
First Communion Dresses Coloring Pages
Sweet coloring pages featuring kids in different first communion outfits.
Old Fashioned Bustle Dress Coloring Page
Old fashioned bustle dress to print off and color in.

Bring Out The Young Fashion Designer With This Cool Fashion Design Portfolio Kit

This super kit contains a sketch book, plus hundreds of fashion model, clothing ,and accessory, stencils and templates, allowing a child to easily make their own dress up dolls, fashion designs, and of course their own coloring pages!

Dresses From Around The World Coloring Pages

You can find lots of cool fashion styles from around the world, which home-grown designers take influence from on a regular basis. Here are some pictures to color of some of the most popular dresses from around the world, why not take inspiration from them and have a go at designing your own fashion fusion...mix some elements from these, with

Let Your Kids Draw Their Own Designs And Patterns On This Dress Template

This simple dress template that I drew can be saved and printed off, let your child draw their own designs and details onto the dress, and then color it in. If the dress template is mounted onto card then it could also be painted and small details such as sequins, glitter, and gems could be stuck on.

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