Pinup Costume Ideas

Get The Sexy Pin-Up Girl Look With A Vintage Style Costume

Vintage and retro is very 'in' right now, if you are into your vintage fashion and have a costume party coming up then it might be a nice idea to dress as a pinup girl. Pinup costumes are well cut and very evocative of the 1940's.

A pin-up girl costume should be cheeky and sexy, the pinup girl look is very polished and one of wholesomeness and health. A large number of pin-up girl outfits feature details from the Army, Navy or Air Force, this is because pictures of girls were sent to soldiers around the world during WW2 to keep spirits up. Pilots would even paint their own pin-up girls onto their planes for luck.

Pin-Up Girl Culture

Pinup girls have been around for longer than you might imagine, in-fact they were popular as far back as the mid 1800's although the term pin-up girl was not used until the 1940's. These gorgeous ladies could be found on a variety of paper products which could of course be pinned up (coining the phrase pin-up girl) - models and actresses were popular pin-up girls, just as they are today.

As well as real life photos of pinup girls there were also many beautiful artworks produced depicting them, they would be wearing the fashions of the times and normally participating in some kind of hobby or pursuit, whilst showing a cheeky garter belt peeking out from their clothing.These pinups were mass produced as posters and were very popular.

The pin-up girl look from the 1940's has had a massive revival in recent years.

Nautical Pinup Costumes

Pin-Up Captain Sailor Costume - Sailor Costumes

Navy or sailor inspired looks are one of the most popular themes for a pinup costume, sailor girls are smart, feisty and a lot of fun.

Blue, red, and white are classic sailor outfit colors, the colors compliment each other nicely with some costumes having a touch of gold too.

These two costumes on the left and right are my favorites, they are two completely different looks, but both are rockin' that classic vintage style.

I like the red pumps that the model in the right pic is wearing, they make the outfit come alive and bring out the red accents at the bust. I'm not keen on the white pumps that the model to the left is wearing though, I feel that navy pumps would be better for bringing the outfit together.

Cute Pin-up Sailor Costumes

Awesome Army Pinup Girl Costumes

Become a forces sweetheart in a cute pin-up army costume, my fave is the second costume, purely for the cool garters! The first costume almost looks like the model has forgotten her pants, I like the look of this one, but warning, it will be extremely short! This one could actually be made pretty easily with a shirt and ribbon (it has a ribbon tie down the sides)

The first and fourth costumes are longer and very evocative of the 1930's-40's

Pin Up Girl Wigs

Of course to get that vintage look you will need to mimic the hairstyles of the day, a lot of care and attention was paid to the hair. There is a video at the bottom of the page showing how to do some vintage hair styles, or alternately you could get a wig.

These wigs are the best examples that I have seen, I particularly like the Auburn color.

Bettie Page Costume Wig + Cat Costume

Bettie Page was one of the most popular and recognizable pinups, this cute wig would be ideal for use with any of the pin-up costumes on this page. Why not wear it with this homage to the Bettie Page cat costume.

Pin Up Beauty And Pin Up Cigarette Girl Costumes

These vintage cigarette girl outfits are very cute! They are based on the ladies who used to go around movie theaters with their little trays of cigarettes, and other essentials.

Just think, if you wore one of these to a costume party you could stash all manner of goodies from the buffet table onto that tray ;) It would make a mighty fine drinks holder too!

2nd World War Riveter Costume

This lady is busy helping the war effort by working as a riveter. Boats, munitions, planes, you name it, this lady has welded her way to helping win the war.

Pin-up Girl Shoes

Pinup Style Seamed Stockings

 Black seamed stockings were all the rage in the 1930's and 40's, when nylon became scarce women would draw the seams onto their legs with eye-liner and even go so far as to soak their legs in gravy or other substances to look like they were wearing stockings

Vintage Pinup Hair Style Demos

There are a few different tutorials here, which teach you some beautiful but simple vintage hair styles.

E-Book - Shopping For And Dressing In The 1940's Style

This e-book contains all the information you need to shop for, and put together a cool 1940's look. It teaches you how to dress to flatter your physique in a 1940's style, and much more great information, such as what to look for when shopping for vintage 40's style clothing and accessories, and over a hundred photos and illustrations of 1940's clothing. 1940's Style Guide

This post concentrates on pinup costumes, for a more unique look you could also check out my 'pinup of the month' blog posts, which show a vintage pinup picture re-created with modern clothing, and other tips to re-create the look. Pinup fashion looks re-created

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