A Cute Cupcake Costume For Halloween?

Why dress as a cupcake? Well, they're are very fashionable at the moment, not to mention so very yummy. They come in pretty candy colors and are topped with a variety of super cute details, such as cherries, sprinkles, and frosting.

Not for the faint hearted, these fun outfits are super colorful, short, and sexy, and will definitely get you noticed! Not many people will be dressing as cakes so go on, start a trend in your neighbourhood.

This one is a bright blue and pink design, with plenty of cute little details, I like the pink stripes on the front of the dress, and the underskirt, which has a multitude of candy colors in it.

It is clear to see why this lady is the queen. I love this delux costume and if you are looking to dress up with a friend this year, this one would go very nicely with the costume above.

Premier Sexy Cupcake Queen Costume - Sexy Costumes

More Cute Cupcake Costumes

These cuties come in pink color schemes,they are very girly, the dresses have cake prints on them and are accented by polka dots, ribbons, or bows.

Cupcake Shoes

To complete a cupcake costume what better than a pair of cupcake design shoes? Here are some great pairs of shoes that celebrate cakeage! 

These Wigs Are Perfect! 

 A candy wig is a quick and easy way to get the right look to go with your outfit. Go for a shade which compliments your outfit, and if in doubt chose a color that features in the outfit. Pick out a shade which is an accent color in the outfit, rather than choosing a wig the same as the main color.

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