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Create An Amazing Bollywood Outfit

Bollywood is fabulous, colorful, and fun. I've been watching Bollywood films for years and have always loved the Indian clothing the women wear in the films. I was first introduced to Bollywood films whilst working nights in a care home with an Indian colleague, and fell in love straight away with the whole look and style that I saw in the films.

Bollywood costumes are interesting and look beautiful, they are a very glamorous choice for a costume party and because they come in so many different fabrics and patterns it is easy to find one that you will love.

There is a large selection of authentic Indian clothing here, as well as ready made Bollywood costumes, and some beautiful shoes and accessories that would be fantastic to complete your Bollywood look.

Amongst all this you will find video clips to give you costume inspiration, Bollywood make-up tips, and also an instructional video on how to tie a sari.

Properties Of A Good Bollywood Costume

Bollywood costumes are generally bright and colorful, the fabric often contains beautiful prints, accents, flower details, and patterns, sequins, or even sparkling mirrors that are sewn into the cloth.

Good colors to go for are bright pinks, which are often mixed with golds and lime greens, other good colors are aqua, purples, reds with golds, and greens.

Bollywood costumes are generally not that short, the tops can be short, but I have not seen many films where the girls are wearing very short skirts, long flowing skirts are favoured which are worn with a short cropped top and shawl, other styles of outfits have pretty tunics which are worn with leggings and a shawl, and then of course there are the saris...

Authentic Bollywood Costumes

Lehenga Choli - My Favorite Eastern Outfit - What is lehenga choli?

Lehanga Choli is the name for this sort of outfit seen in the picture to the left and are one of my favorite Bollywood looks.

Lehenga choli are easy to wear and very comfortable, they look awesome, and are available in such a vast amount of patterns, colors, and prints. Choose one to match your personality.

Lehenga : The long flowing skirt

Choli: The bodice

Dupatta: The shawl

These colorful Lehenga Choli are made with beautiful fabrics, which have spectacular designs and pretty color schemes, what could be better for a Bollywood look.

Some Of My Favorite Lehenga Choli For A Bollywood Costume

Ready To Wear Bollywood Costumes Based On Lehenga Choli

These fun Bollywood costumes are a quick and easy way to get the Bollywood look, they are ready to wear and not that expensive...

There is not much of a range though, and if you are looking for something more colorful and striking, then I suggest you check out the authentic Bollywood clothing section throughout page. Don't be put off by thinking of complicated saris, there are plenty of other cool outfits that are ready to wear too.

Shoes Fit For A Bollywood Princess!

Get The Bollywood Look With A Beautiful Sari

I'm very fond of the look of Saris and hope to one-day pluck up the courage to try to wrap one. It is a bit daunting, but worth learning. There is a really good video a bit further down that gives instructions on how to do it.

How To Wrap And Wear A Sari

Knowing where to start when it comes to draping a sari correctly can be difficult, check out this video to see how to do it. If you think you can get the knack of it, then a sari will make a really stunning bollywood costume.

Stylish Salwar Kameez Suits - Great For Those Who Find Saris Too Complicated 

These attractive suits consist of a tunic and legging type trousers which can either match the color of the tunic, or contrast with it, depending on what kind of look you are going for. The fabric of the tunic is often trimmed at the edges in contrasting colors or contains prints and patterns, a shawl in a contrasting color completes the suit;

Bollywood Bride Makeup Tutorial

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