Free Fashion Coloring Pages

A growing resource of free printable coloring pages for kids, I have tried to cover most of the fashion basics first, such as beautiful dresses, hats, and some exciting fashion scenes for you to beautify. I will be adding many more soon, and more of my own designs.

All of the coloring pages here are free to print and color, plus I have added some fun fashion design, crafting, and fashion e-books too, which can be purchased.

For Fashionistas Of All Ages! 

If your child loves colorful and beautiful clothes then these coloring pages are ideal, nurture this young interest and you may have a fashion designer in the family in later years! The fashion inspired coloring sheets on this page cover a wide range of gorgeous outfits, with many patterns and cute details to color....

Prom Dress Coloring Sheet

I designed these prom style dresses for kids to color in, one has flowers dotted on the dress, and the other has stripes and circle motifs. See how many different effects your child can get by coloring the same dresses differently.

Three Cute Dresses To Color

Three cute little dresses, these are like short style party dresses and have polka dots, hearts, and gemstone details on them.
Fashion Coloring Pages - Dresses 

These fashion coloring pages feature pretty dresses, with a variety of different patterns and cuts, dresses coloring pages are some of my faves, especialy the detailed ones.

Bow Party Dress  This fashion coloring page has a pretty dress, to print and color, this dress has a tiered skirt and a pretty bow detail on the top of the dress.

6 Dresses Fashion Coloring Pages 6 gorgeous dresses to print off and color, all kinds of styles, including some modern dresses.

Lady In An Old Fashioned Dress A pretty dress coloring page showing a lady wearing a beautiful old fashioned dress.

Simple Dress To Color a flamenco style dress, it has nice bold lines and is great for younger kids to color.

Swirly Dress Coloring Page a model from behind, wearing a swirly pattern dress.

Girl On Stool In Dress A model sitting on a stool wearing a flowery dress

Pretty Tiered Summer Dress With Flowers 

Historical Dress Coloring Books 

These superb historical dress coloring books feature clothing from days gone by, lots of magnificent historic dresses to color, which are suitable for adults and kids.

Fashion Scenes - With Model Outfits And Backgrounds 

These fashion coloring pages feature fashion models and detailed backgrounds, when colored they make beautiful works of art that your child can hang on the wall.

Summer Fashion Coloring Sheet I love this summer fashion coloring page, it shows a lady wearing summer fashions surrounded by parrots and other tropical things, great for advanced colorers and older kids.

Japanese Fashion Coloring  This page featurse a Japanese girl all dressed up and looking pretty, she is carrying a cute monkey.

Teenage Fashion Coloring Page This great coloring page features a teenage girl with a dog, lots of details for older kids to enjoy coloring.

Super Cute Fashion Show Coloring Page Really cute coloring page showing 3 models on a cat walk

6 Model And Clothes Fashion Coloring Pages These fashion coloring pages show a model wearing 6 different outfits

Skirt And Top Fashion Coloring Sheet

Skirts And Tops 

These cute skirt and top pictures can be colored, designed upon, or even accented with glitter. After each page has been colored why not see if your child can draw their own outfit inspired by the coloring pages..

A Pretty Skirt Fashion Coloring Page This page features a pretty summer skirt, with bands around it.

Skirt And Top Fashion Coloring Page fashion coloring sheet shows a modern nice outfit, consisting of a skirt and top.

Cute Blouse Coloring Page cute page which shows a blouse with a pretty heart detail on the front.

Fashion Coloring Books 

These fashion coloring books are more geared towards adults than kids, they have lots of fashionable details and are great for whiling away a boring evening at home.

 Coloring is very calming and therapeutic, and so is fashion!

Learn To Draw Fashion Designs

This simple video shows you how to design and draw fashion and clothing items.