Sexy Bunny Costumes

Sexy Bunny Costumes For Women

If you fancy dressing as a Playboy Bunny this year for Halloween, or maybe for some thing a little more private, you can't really go wrong with this selection of costumes. I bet you didn't know how many sexy bunny costumes there actually are to choose from. They come in some lovely colors too, not just classic black....... Some even have sequins ~ Yay!

The styles range from the classic short bodysuit costume that we know and love, to 'bunnified' shorts and top combos (like the one in the picture), and longer costumes which have skirts.

You can save money too, there are accessory packs with ears and tails, which can be worn with any suitable outfit that you have in your closet, and tips on how to make your own ears and tail.

Black Bunny Costume Accessory Kits

If you have a suitable short black dress, leotard, or other bunny-like outfit at home, you can easily transform it into a Playboy bunny costume, or sexy bunny costume, with these costume accessories.

Black Classic Bunny Girl Costumes

These sexy bunny costumes are the ones we most associate with a Playboy Bunny costume, cute black bodysuits, with a rabbit tail, and rabbit ears. Some of the costumes do not have a tuxedo collar included, but you can find some further down the page.

For More Bashful Bunnies.....

If you want something that is a little longer than the classic Playboy Bunny costumes, but still want to look sexy, then one of these longer rabbit costumes is perfect. They feature a top and skirt, or top and shorts combo, and are suitable for wearing out, maybe to a party. -You could make your own costume like this at home, you just need a cute dress, and some bunny ears.

Most of these dresses have (fake) furry details though, so bear that in mind. You could trim a dress with some white furry accents if you want to be precise.

Colorful Bunnies

Bunnies don't have to be black, white, or pink, they could be any color you choose, here are some lovely outfits in a range of beautiful shades.

D.I.Y Bunny Costume - Make your own sexy bunny costume

The cheapest sexy bunny costume is one made at home from things that can be bought cheaply or that you already own, this film shows how you can make your own bunny costume.

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