Dark Costume Ideas For Women

Creepy Halloween Costumes For Women

Halloween is a time for spooky happenings and ghostly fun, make the most of this time of year with a dark Halloween costume.

All of the creepy Halloween costumes and ideas on this page focus on the darker side, amongst these there are un-dead nuns, zombies, and Living Dead Dolls.

Don't worry it is not all blood, ghosts, and gore, there are also costumes that are less extreme and more cute but with a darker twist or Gothic theme, and of course tips on making your own versions at home too.

So grab a cuppa and take a look at my compendium of creepy Halloween costumes for women.

Living Dead Doll - Alice In Wonderland Costume

This living dead doll costume is cool and creepy at the same time, a spine tingling take on Alice In Wonderland and a homage to the chilling Living Dead Dolls Series, it is more like Alice In Horrorland.
There is something really scary about dolls that may just come alive at night and do all kinds of twisted things, if I saw someone wearing this at a Halloween party I would probably have a bad dream that night. I really like this costume though, it’s very dark and a lot of fun.

More Creepy Doll Costumes

Psycho Red Riding Hood Costume

One scary lady... Just ask the wolf!

This psychotic red riding hood has spent too long in the woods snacking on funny colored mushrooms, she has been driven to madness and has been roaming the woods looking for trouble, looks like the wolf got more than he bargained for when psycho red riding hood hacked off his head and stuck it in her basket!

Basket With Wolfs Head In It - For Psycho Red Riding Hood Costume

Oh dear! This wolf met a grizzly end, I wonder what Red Riding Hood will do with his head?
You don't have to go full on psycho red riding hood, there are some outfits below that you could wear with this wolfs head in a basket prop.

Haunted Nun Costume

This haunted nun costume gives me the creeps, I love the way the headdress is made to look like it is floating, it really adds to the creepiness of the whole thing.
To get that haunted look, use white or very light foundation or face paint. Use dark eye shadow sparingly to build up shadows around the eyes, and places like the hollows of the cheeks. Use a translucent face powder with a brush to finish and set the make up. Use a very light lipstick, or get really creative and use a white base, with blue lipstick or lip liner around the lips to get a deadly haunted look.
One to scare trick or treaters with as you open the door…

Blood Stained Psycho / Bloody Zombie Costume

Scare the whits out of people with a creepy blood splattered psycho, or zombie Halloween costume, I have picked out some great costumes for you to complete the psycho look!
You don't even need to buy a costume for this, you can make your own by covering your choice of clothing in splatters of fake blood! I suggest you try out a few techniques on an old sheet or rag first. It might be a good idea to tape down the piece of clothing that you wish to splatter with fake blood, (outside of course,) pour some fake blood into a bowl and get a paintbrush, dip the paintbrush into the blood and flick onto the clothing. - If you want runs and trickles of blood, then hang the clothing up whilst you splatter it. If you want spots and splatters of blood then keep it flat!

Psycho Surgeon Or Nasty Nurse Costume Ideas

Another take on the bloodstained psycho/zombie theme, is the zombie surgeon, nasty nurse, or horrible hospital worker, any nurse or doctor outfit is perfect, but to really get the psycho look you will have to splatter the costume with fake blood. Take inspiration from the dresses in the bloodstained psycho costume section above, some of them have bloody hand prints on them, this kind of thing would be great!
Also any of the accessories in the bloodstained psycho section would be ideal to go with this costume!

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