No Sew T-Shirt D.I.Y - Fashion DIY Challenge

For the first of my fashion DIY daily challenges I decided to go for something simple, a no sew t shirt DIY.

I found this neat no sew T-shirt tutorial on the web (which I followed but altered slightly), and thought it would be the perfect way to upcycle a mens t-shirt that was too small for my partner, and way too big for me.

Make an oversized T-shirt into a funky ladies top


I really loved the dragon design on the T-shirt so it was great to be able to make it into something I could actually wear. I intend to color in the dragon picture with some fabric pens too, I want to make it much more colorful with reds, greens, and blues for the dragons scales.


1. Cut under one sleeve in a straight line the to the collar of the t-shirt (as shown in pic 2) then cut around the remaining sleeve to remove it.

2. Use a fitted top laid over the front of the T-shirt to measure where your shoulder is. Mark with chalk, then trace down the side of the the fitted top with chalk, this line will be your guide.

3. Cut slits in the front of the T-shirt until you reach your traced line. As in pic 3. 

*I did double the cuts than I've shown in picture 3 which gave thinner fringing details, I tried it with the thicker cuts first, but wanted thinner tassles. 

4. Cut along the inside of the cut strips to turn them into ties. Tie up the shoulder ties and secure with a double knot, put the top on, then tie the rest of the side ties tightly

Back Of T-Shirt

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