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 This page is an ever growing resource of free printable hats, printable party hats, hat templates and other fun hat related crafts, printables, and activities for kids.

 Making paper hats was one of my favorite things to do as a kid, at my school we would have a big party every year, and one of the things that we would do to get ready for it was to make our own hats from paper and card. This was always very exciting because we got to design the hat from scratch and the teacher would provide lots of cool stick-on accents, stickers, ribbons, and glitter, to decorate our hats with.

 Paper hats can be made in lots of ways,and as well as printable hats and hat templates, I will be adding some simple tutorials on how to make some lovely paper and cardboard hats.

Printable Party Hats To Make

Everybody loves to party,and no party is a party unless the hats are out.This selection of hats should cover most party events.

For the birthday boy or girl, special birthday hat templates, and for guests traditional cone shaped designs in bright contemporary colors and patterns.

Make An Old Fashioned Princess Cone Hat

This hat is one for all princess wannabe's, the tallest and most jewel encrusted hat at the party. I made a few versions of this wonderful headgear as a child because it was one of my favorite designs. The tall pointed cone was a good blank canvas for me to stick a lot of bling onto.

  • Make a princess cone hat by rolling a large square of card into a cone shape, fix the card together with glue and pegs (to hold the seam in place) double sided tape, or sellotape.
  • Thread ribbons and long pieces of streamers or crepe paper through the top of the cone and fasten. You want these ribbons etc hanging down the back of the hat and down to the center of the back, like a really old fashioned princess hat.
  • Next decorate the hat with bands of gold and silver paper, stick on gemstones, and plenty of glitter. If you want to add a piece of elastic to keep the hat on you can staple it to the inside of the hat on either side. Hide the staples with a cute accent.

Different Types Of Hats To Make

Be your very own Tutenkamun, queen Nefertiti, a super hero or a jester. These very colorful printable hats, are a lot of fun and ideal for dress up games.

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