Sexy Cat Costume For Halloween

Though the cat costume is nothing new, it never fails to be cute or sexy! If you have never dressed as a cat for Halloween then I highly recommend it.

A cat costume can be complex or simple, they can be easily made at home from low priced items of clothing, like leggings and a vest.

If you want to make your own costume take a look at some of the ready to wear designs on this page, and think of how you could replicate the outfits at home. Of course you will need some cat ears - which are cheap to buy, and a cute cat nose and whiskers - which can be put on with make up.

Decide what type of cat you want be, a big cat or jungle cat, a lucky black cat, or maybe a cute lil kitty.

Some Of My Favorite Ready To Wear Cat Suit Style Black Cat Costumes

My favorite types of cat costumes are the appropriately named 'cat suits'. Cat suits are inherently sexy, whilst still leaving much to the imagination.

The four sexy cat costumes below are all very different. The first is a blinging showgirl kitty costume, the second is a classic cat woman style costume, and the third is an interesting Egyptian cat costume!

Cat Costumes With Skirts

These designs are sexy and flirty, they consist of a corset style top and layered skirt.

Hello Kitty Costume In Pink

This Hello Kitty costume comes in pink and white, as seen below. Or red and black, as seen above.

Shoes To Wear With A Black Cat Costume

I like all of the shoes that the models are wearing with their cat costumes, knee high black boots, black pumps, or like in the last costume, the gold sandals. For the middle costume (the blinging kitty) a pair of silver fully rhinestone pumps would look great. Black rhinestone pumps would look good with all of the costumes t

Three pairs of cute cat inspired shoes. The fist a pair of cat heels, with a red bow behind one of the cats ears, and polka dot details on the shoe. The other two pairs of cat face shoes are flats, and are puurrrrrfect for a more comfy cat.

Cat Face Shoes

Black Cat Thigh High Stockings

Black Cat Makeup Tutorials

Two of my favorite makeup turorials for a cat costume, and two cute feline looks.

Sexy Black Cat Costume Makeup

This sexy black cat makeup tutorial was the coolest to be found on youtube! Absolutely stunning eye makeup especially, that would look amazing with any black cat costume.

Cute Black Cat Costume Makeup

The next cat make up tutorial is really simple but very cute!

Sexy Jungle Cat Costumes Catsuit Style

Of course there are all types of cats, so lets not forget some of the big cats and Jungle cats. The bold patterns of the coats of big cats such as leopards, tigers, and cheetahs, look amazing when covering a large area of fabric, like a cat suit.

Tiger Costumes

Wow, I love the tiger stripes and gorgeous fabric on these cat suit style tiger costumes. Each of these has a different take on the tiger design, and all are very sexy costumes. I think out of all of the animal prints, tiger is my favorite.

All of the costumes below come with the ears included.

Tiger Makeup Tutorial For Tiger Costume

This is my favorite tiger make up tutorial. I like it because the stripes are focussed on the forehead, rather than the whole face (which can look weird.) Very pretty, and the perfect accent to a sexy tiger costume.

Sexy leopard costumes 

The first costume below is a sexy leopard costume. The catsuit is ablaze with funky leopard spots and the costume comes with the ears and tail. This costume could be accessorized with some interesting leopard style make up (find big cat makeup tutorials at the bottom of the page)

The second costume is a sexy lace and leopard print combo. This one is just the cat suit, and will need separate ears to make a full leopard costume. I included it because the lace panel on the side is very different and sexy of course.

Gorgeous Leopard Makeup Tutorial

Love the exotic look of this leopard make-up tutorial, of course the make up colors can be toned down to browns an yellows, as-well as the oranges used. 

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