9 Pairs Of Gorgeous Denim Shorts - Summer Ain't Over Yet!

I am a big fan of denim shorts and have quite a few pairs, what I don't have though are any denim shorts with patterns. I love my denim shorts because they are cute, hard-wearing, and I can wear them all year round. They are great for the summer of course, but I really like wearing them in the winter with a pair of thick tights and a sweatshirt.

 I enjoy wearing patterns, prints, and anything unusual or a bit different, so these cool shorts are right up my street! I think my absolute favorites are the ones in the bottom left and mid bottom, by Paige. Those have a cityscape design and are the most unusual and interesting designs I have seen.

The Etoil Isabel Marant shorts, and Kate Moss shorts (in the top row) are also on my want, want, want list! - I have a want list, a want, want list, AND a want, want, want list! :)