10 Cool Costume Ideas For Badass Women

Cool Women's Costumes

One of my favorite things in the whole world is checking out costumes, I could literally spend all day doing it! Today I have been looking at some rather cool Halloween costumes for Women.

As you will see as you move down the page I started off in an aggressive mood, adding some bad-ass costumes... I softened a little bit, adding a pretty rainbow unicorn costume to this bunch of ladies that kill, lol!

Sexy Ninja Costume

My first cool costume is a sexy ninja, this highly trained lady will kick her way into the party and swiftly dispatch all guests, not much of a party now is it? Never mind ninja lady will silently leap roof to roof to find a new party.

Sexy SWAT Lady Costume

SWAT lady certainly looks like she is in control of the situation, with her tight pants and sexy costume, the criminals would probably drop their weapons just as soon as they saw her, I'm sure their jaws would drop too...
Women's Deluxe SWAT Commander Costume

Angry Army Babe Costume 

As the army babe costume suggests this army major has major PMT and anyone in the vicinity is going to pay! With her riding crop and pissed off expression you know she is not about to go pet horses. Bend over you party goers, this Army babe is going to whip up a storm.

General Punishment Adult Costume

Steampunk Vampire Costume

This sexy steampunk costume is one of the more unusual, it is actually a steampunk vampire costume and has all kinds of cool cog details. Why wear a regular vampire costume when you could be a steampunk vampire!

Sexy Spider Costume

Spiders don't usually strike me as sexy, anything but. BUT this spider costume is definitely sexy and also very cool! There is a lot of attention paid to detail and I love the bat wing skirt.

Robin Hood Costume

Robin Hood was a nice guy, but he still knew how to savage a Sheriff and shoot peoples eyes out. Of course I don't recommend these actions whilst wearing this sexy Robin Hood costume, light spanking should be sufficient to render any assailants unconcious.

Gorgeous Gladiator Costume

The model for this sexy gladiator costume has been channeling a real gladiator in preparation for the costume shoot. You can see the nerves and trepidation in her face as if she is getting ready to fight a lion. Hopefully no angry lions will be at the Halloween party, she will just have to fight people away from the bar instead.

Sexy Gladiator Costume

Rainbow Unicorn Costume

Neigh, neigh... it's a rainbow unicorn. I was once offered one of these by Squidoo R.I.P, it never arrived but I did get 0.15c instead. The model in the costume is pulling the same face as me when I found my rainbow unicorn was not forthcoming, boo :(

Fantasy Unicorn Costume

Sexy Snow Viking Costume

Snow vikings are way cooler than ordinary ones. boom boom!

Awesome Sexy Pirate Costume

The last of my cool costume ideas is this stupendously sexy pirate costume. I was not going to add a pirate but this costume was the prettiest I have seen, and pirates are certainly bad ass. This lady does   not even need a sword or gun, she looks like she could kick someone to kingdom come in those boots alone.

Sexy High Seas Pirate Costume

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