Santa Dress

Cute Santa Dresses In A Range Of Styles

Ding Dong! It's coming up for Christmas time again, and I am very excited to bring you this selection of beautiful red Santa dresses! I will be wearing one myself this year (as I did last year) to brighten things up a bit!

I have picked out only the most gorgeous dresses and costumes, there are some lovely seasonal designs here, and even cute shoes and boots to match. The dresses are displayed by length and style, from short and sexy Miss Santa designs, to long traditional Mrs Claus dresses - there is something for everyone, even great grandmas!

If you feel like getting a bit crafty and maybe making your own version then there are some pretty cool videos here that will show you how, there are some very talented people on YouTube and they have been busy creating their own costumes for the holiday season. I will not be trying to create my own yet, as I am still not great at sewing, but I am tempted to have a go at adding more accents to the one I already have. (I am dying to get my hot fix rhinestone tool out actually!)

4 Of The Best Short Santa Dresses And Costumes IMO

I have chosen these designs as my top 4 based on looks, price, and customer reviews.

I personally own the first dress on this list, and have worn it twice now. I love it! I got loads of compliments both times that I wore this dress, and I expect that I will be wearing it again soon, unless I treat myself to another one.

Mrs Santa The Party Girl

These sexy Mrs Santa costumes are flirty and fun, perfect for Christmas parties! My favorite is the first one, because I like the cute bow accent on the front and the full skirt, it's quite burlesque with that full skirt and white detailing.

Sexy Miss Santa Boots

The ideal boots to wear with your costume... 

Knee Length Santa Dresses

These knee-length Santa dresses are ideal for a family Christmas or Christmas party, they bring a happy, bright atmosphere, with a subtly sexy undertone!

What Does Mrs Claus Keep In Her Evening Bag?

Mints? Cigarettes? A mini bottle of brandy? Just some of the things that I suspect that Mrs Claus keeps in her bag! If Mrs Claus has a bag, no doubt it will be like one of the ones below.

Traditional Long Santa And Mrs Claus Dresses

These beautiful Mrs Christmas traditional style dresses are sure to go down a treat on Christmas day! As you can see there are huge differences in style. My favorite is the first costume, it is truly stunning.

What I love about these dresses is that there is a design here that would suit 3 generations of my family, from me, to my mum, and grandma too.

Have A Go At Making Your Own...

These videos show you how to make a costume of your own, the first is the Miss Claus and the second an Elf helper. Both are fairly easy to do (in theory) and could be a fun project for Xmas.

You could add extra details to your costume and make it super cool, for example you could add rhinestones, sequins, ribbon, or beaded details. It would not be hard to add straps to the design either. I am tempted to have a go at making one, but my previous sewing attempts have not been good, so I am scared.

If you plan to add more details just try to plan out how you want it to look before you begin. It is very easy to get carried away and loose sight of your original plan.

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