Get Some Downton Abbey Style Vintage Glamour

I love watching Downton Abbey! Not just for the drama, I watch it mainly to see the beautiful post-Edwardian fashions that they wear. The costumes on Downton Abbey are pure elegance, and would still look stunning if worn today, in-fact, I have recently received questions asking where one can find a Downton Abbey style prom dress.

If you have a love of Downton Abbey costumes, vintage glamour, and style, then you might enjoy this page which dips into the Post-Edwardian era, and the fashions of the time, there are style tips on how to get the Downton look, and about some of the characters personal styles. Of course there are also plenty of Downton style clothing to buy if you like too, plus Downton style prom dresses!

Beautiful Downton Abbey Style Post-Edwardian Fashions And Clothing

Downton Abbey is a wildly popular period drama, from the UK. It has made it's way across the pond to the US, and is gaining popularity here too. Set in a Yorkshire manor house, Downton Abbey focuses on the lives of the Aristocrats who reside there, and the staff that serve them on a daily basis.

Downton Abbey is just as popular for it's intricate relationships between the characters, as it is for it's wonderful fashions and clothing of the period. Set in Post-Edwardian times, when fashions for women were becoming more organic and flowing, it is a very exciting time for clothing and accessories.

 On this page I will focus on some of the characters and give tips and advice on how to get their look, you will also find a lot of beautiful Post-Edwardian style clothing, that you can use to get the Downton Abbey look.

Post Edwardian Fashions 

For the older woman, fashions were still quite Victorian in terms of materials used (thick heavy fabrics), but a big difference was that women's dresses and skirts were much sleeker and less full.

 Almost gone were the restrictive corsets and boned skirts or bustles, in place was a much more natural flowing form. Younger women were influenced by the Art Nouveau movement, I say younger women, because at that time age was a big factor in how people used to dress, quite a lot of older women in Post-Edwardian times still dressed in a Victorian style, just a more comfortable one.

 My grandmother has some Post-Edwardian photographs of members of her family, and her grandmother is still dressed in a quite a Victorian way, I will try to get hold of some of those photos for this page....

 The picture to the left is of a beautiful 1912 evening dress, the empire waist was typical of the time, as well as the long flowing fabrics, people were travelling more, and taking influence from continental fashions, fashion at this time was becoming very liberating and fun.

A Downton costume should incorporate...

  •   Post-Edwardian Fashions
  • Long tea dresses
  • Flowing Form fitting fabrics
  • Empire waist dresses
  • Beading on clothing
  • Dresses with sleeves or matching jackets

Downton Abbey Style Prom Dresses And Evening Gowns

I have had a lot of messages asking about where to find Downton Abbey style prom dresses, and evening dresses. I would say the best place to start is with Conifox, and Charles Bridal, they make such beautiful dresses in historic styles.
The dresses have amazing attention paid to detail, and contain gorgeous bead-work, lace, and other accents that fit perfectly with the Downton Abbey fashions.Here is a selection of dresses that would make fabulous Downton Abbey style prom dresses.

Downton Characters - Cora - Downton Abby Style

Coras' style on Downton Abbey is one of sheer sophistication and elegance. She always looks a million dollars and she knows it!

Cora is quite fond of dark colors, and of delicate and exquisite details, such as detailed bead-work, and crystal accents on her clothing and hair accessories.

 She has a taste for expensive things and luxury fabrics, that are cut well, look classic, but are very up-to-date for her time.

 The dress in the picture to the left is classic Cora!

More Cora Style Dresses 

I have noticed that Cora is very fond of wearing evening dresses with sleeves, these can be short or long depending on her mood I guess :) Sleeves on a dress add to the classy glamour that Cora is known for. When searching online, look for 'Mother of the bride' style dresses.

Rhinestone Hairbands - Just Like Cora Wears 

Cora likes to wear beautiful crystal and bead headbands when she goes out, these are just like some of hers...

Downton Characters - Mary

My favorite outfits of hers are the evening gowns, Mary is very daring in her outfit choice for those times, new styles and cuts were coming in and she was having the time of her life experimenting with all the new styles.

 Lady Mary does not mind showing a bit of cleavage, she is young, so we can have a lot of fun with her look.

Lady Mary Crawley has the most awesome wardrobe that I have ever seen! She is young, and very fashion forwards, no matter what the occasion Lady Mary has an amazing outfit.

Lady Mary Crawley Style Dresses 

Lady Crawley likes to look a million dollars, these beautiful evening gowns are right up her street! My favorite is the red one, but lucky Lady Crawly would probably buy them all!
1910's Style Cloch And Bucket Hats

The bucket hat was a very popular style in those times, they have had a revival and are gaining popularity again, horay!

Bucket hats look great with a smart, or smart casual look, depending on the hat. They make a nice choice for winter as the keep ears nice and warm, and are very chic at the same time.

Edwardian And Post Edwardian Sewing Patterns 

There's nothing like making your own clothes, and if you are good at sewing it opens up a whole load of new opportunities for making your own Downton style costumes, you could even use an old pattern but with modern colors or fabric, and create some kind of interesting fusion!

Downton Abbey Style Hat Pattern