No Sew T-Shirt To Cute Tank DIY

This T-shirt was given to me by a Rastafarian guy who's website I am helping to build. It is pretty random in it's design, with a line drawing of lifeboat men. Not something I would pick out at all TBH.

Hmmmm, I thought as he gave it to me, my mind swirling with ideas of chopping it here or there...,

This is a no sew t-shirt tutorial, and is really easy to complete, all you need are; a sharp pair of scissors, ribbon or cord, and a large t-shirt.

Remove the sleeves from the t-shirt by cutting around the seam line

Snip two small holes in the hem of the t-shirt, thread ribbon or cord through. I used a guitar string to thread the ribbon through, a safety pin can also be used.

This is how it should look. I will swap the music notes ribbon for anchor ribbon at a later date. (anchor ribbon suits the lifeboat theme more)

Here's the t-shirt with the bottom pulled tight.

Next I cut off the neck, and removed the label. I kept the neck band to make into a headband.

Cut down the shoulder seams on each side

Tie up the shoulders and the first look is complete.

To make the second look, draw 2 lines from the neckline to the chest of the t-shirt

Cut down these lines, then cut along in a straight line until the middle piece is removed.

It should look like this now at the front and back

Tie the shoulders into tight bows, the neckline should sit across your collar-bone.

The Finished top 

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