Amazing Rhinestone Heels - For Prom Parties And 'Just Because'

Rhinestone heels are the Bobby Dazzlers of the shoe world! Expensive and luxurious looking, they can change a boring 'meh..' outfit into something beautiful in a flash, and are one of the first styles that I go for when I am looking for a pair to wear to a very special occasion.

Towering rhinestone-covered pumps have lately been seen on the Red Carpet, and sparkling sandals have always been popular for parties and proms. Shoppers are getting more daring with their footwear colors at the moment, so as well as shoes with traditional white stones, there are some very bright and vivid colored ones too.

The Great Thing About Blinging Rhinestone Heels!

The great thing about rhinestone heels is that they can be worn with pretty much anything; they are sophisticated enough to be worn with a variety of evening, wedding, and prom outfits, they are suitable for use at the office (they look great with a black trouser suit,) they are fab for parties such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, and they can also be teamed with jeans for a more casual daytime look.
Wherever you wear yours one thing is certain, they should come with a warning! They cause major envy and you will have people approaching you to ask where you got your awesome footwear.

Silver And White Crystal Shoes - The closet thing to Cinderella shoes that you will find!

Wow! What gorgeous crystal shoes! I am loving the pairs that are covered entirely with stones, and would wear them with jeans, whilst shopping, I'm sure they would turn many heads on the high street! Of course these white rhinestone heels are ideal for evening and party wear too, and are a superb choice for a bride or for prom.

Silver Stones On Black - White crystals glimmer on the dark shoe surface

Silver crystals really 'pop' and dazzle against black fabric, these shoes have a black upper with silver rhinestone coating. Sophisticated and sparkling shoes like this will be fantastic for all kinds of evening do's.
Silver crystals on black remind me of stars in the sky, star like shoes for a super star!

Gold Rhinestone Heels

Gold rhinestone shoes are not as in-your-face as silver ones, they have a subtle shine, and a look of class about them. Gold rhinestone heels are a nice shoe to wear on something like a first date, they look best against black, but will suit nearly all other colors. To get maximum effect from your gold shoes, wear them with black leggings, and a gold top.

What are rhinestones? What types of crystals are used on shoes?


These are rock crystals that are found in the River Rhine, the stones are cut and have a metallic back placed on the flat side, this gives them a sparkle like diamonds. Now days any clear, hard, crystals are used to make these stones, and even some plastics too.
Also known as Diamontes, we use that word more in the UK.
When footwear says it has crystals on it you can be sure that you will be getting real stones and not plastic simulations, the type of crystals can differ, of course there are rhinestones which we looked at above, and these are the types most often used on crystal high heels. There are more expensive gemstones though that have found their way onto shoes, you can get actual diamond heels, and another popular crystal is Swarovski.
Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski crystals are beautiful Austrian crystals made by cutting leaded glass, the technique means that the glass refracts the light in a way that all of the rainbow colors of the spectrum come shining out of it when the light hits.
Swarovski shoes are more expensive than diamonte ones, and are popular for weddings.

I Added Rhinestones To This Pair Of Plain Shoes - Now I have super-cute wedges!

I made this pair of rhinestone heels at home from a plain pair of inexpensive wedges . The wedges cost just $18 and the stones another $2 - making these a very cost-effective $20 in total!
It's super-simple to achieve this sparkly look, and you can use any colors or patterns of stones that you like, so can make your dream pair of shoes.
You can follow an easy tutorial to make these wedges below....