Saloon Girl Costume Ideas

Fun And Colorful Saloon Girl Costumes

I love saloon girl costumes, and have done ever since I saw my first Western movie as a child, the saloon girls instantly appealed to me because of their pretty dresses, and brassy attitudes. Saloon girl costumes are fun, colorful, and come in many color combinations and styles.

A saloon girl costume usually looks pretty sexy, and is instantly recognizable from bar scenes of the Old Wild West! These costumes can be worn with all sorts of cool accessories, like brightly colored feathered hair clips, to complete the saloon look.

The page starts with short and sexy saloon girl costumes, but don't worry they are not all so short, it and ends with some lovely long costumes like seen in the days of old. (And that infamous Dolly Parton movie)

Don't Mess With The Saloon Madam!

This awesome saloon madam costume is one of the best sellers. Short at the front and long at the back, this outfit looks sexy, but will also preserve your modesty from behind, this makes it a great costume for dancing in.

How To Accessorize A Saloon Or Cantina Girl Costume

The following accessories can be added to a saloon costume to make it complete, you don't have to use all of these items, just your favorites.

You can find most the accessories listed on this page, as well as tutorials showing how to make your own versions.

  • A Hat
    A big Victorian touring hat like the Saloon Madame is wearing (above) with an added brightly colored feather, or a small fascinator style, or mini top hat.
  • Hair Feathers
    Lots of beautiful feathers at the back of the head, or a single feather, the larger the better.
  • Gloves
    Long lace or satin gloves will give a bit of oomph to a costume.
  • A Feather Boa
    Another neat accessory is a feather boa, wear it draped over arms, like you would a Pashmina or shawl.
  • A Fan
    A big feathery fan is a nice touch, you can get ostrich feather fans which would go well with the costume.
  • Stockings
    Try to get some kind of sheer black stockings or stockings with details like stripes, or old fashioned looking patterns, like lace.
  • Booties
    Cute Victorian type booties are probably the best shoe that will compliment this type of costume, there are some really cute versions of the Victorian boot that are available to buy for costumes etc.

Racy Red Saloon And Cantina Girl Costumes

These saloon workers are obviously born performers, with their sexy red and black costumes, they've come straight out of the Wild West.

Colorful Saloon Girls

I really love the bright colors on these cute costumes, you will be hard to miss in one of these beautiful and fun outfits, of these two my fave has to be the hot pink and black one. All the fun of the old wild west but without the bar brawls and shoot outs.

One Of These Fans Would Look Good With A Saloon Girl Costume

A fan is a great compliment to a saloon girl outfit, and has many uses, it could be used in flirty saloon dances, to fan oneself from the hot desert heat, or even to waft away rancid farts from drunken saloon patrons. Lets hope that you will not need to use your fan for the last purpose.

How To Make A Feather Head Piece

It's not too difficult to make this pretty feather head piece, it would look great with a saloon costume, and can be made relatively cheaply. All you need are some colorful feathers, a hair grip, glue gun, and some felt.

If you want a ready made feather head piece, here are some nice ones that can be purchased.

Saloon Girl Wigs

Get the Wild West saloon girl look with one of these fun costume wigs, curls seem to be the fashion in a lot of Westerns, although I am hunting for some ringlet curl style wigs too, which will be added here.

Here Are Some Saloon Girls Giving A Performance - Wild West Can-Can Re-enactment

This group of Saloon girls are re-enacting life in the Old West, here they perform a Can-Can dance and talk about what the dance meant to them.

The Can-Can is a very cheeky dance which originated in France, this version is not X-rated, but they can be!

Jazz- Up A Saloon Girl Costume

You could jazz up your saloon girl costume in a number of ways, you could stick rhinestones on, sew or stick on feathers, sequins, and other interesting or sparkly details.

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