Shirt To Top D.I.Y - D.I.Y Fashion Challenge (more pics to come...)

This shirt to top DIY is one of my own, which came about when I messed up a previous idea that I had. Luckily my partners denim shirt was sooo huge I had plenty of fabric to play with after the 'accident'. 

I did say that I would not be doing any sewing in my fashion DIY's, but I changed my mind half way through when I realized that I would not be able to get the top off without a zip opening on the side.

Make A Tie Back Halterneck From An Old Denim Shirt

Men's Denim Shirt To Top Tutorial 

Basically the neckline of the top is made from the back of the denim shirt turned upside down, so that the rounded bottom hem makes the neckline.

The collar and top of shirt are removed to just under the arms. The front fabric of any pockets is also removed.

The strip of buttons and the strip of button holes is also removed neatly, using the seam as a guide. These will be put aside to make a halter neck for the top.

The shirt is then folded in half horizontally, use chalk to draw the line of the top of the shirt onto the bottom, then cut along this line. If you like you can fold this edge twice, tack and sew, or fray it, it's up to you.

The shirt is unbuttoned and laid out flat then the front panels cut 11 times, equal width cuts, up until the seam that joins the front to the back of the shirt. Mark the lines out in chalk first.

Put the top on and have someone tie the first fabric ties at the back of the garment so that the top fits, then use pins to attach the strip of button holes around your neck, like a halter top. - Make sure that you can fit this halter over your head otherwise the top will be impossible to put on and take off, alternately, sew the halter onto the front inside of the denim top, or attach it to the front using buttons and the holes already in the strip.

Pull out all of the loose bits of cotton from the cut strips at the back of the shirt to make frayed denim...this part takes ages... Snip off any long dangling threads.

Next a zip or elastic panels will have to be added to the sides of the top. Denim is not known
for it's stretching quality, and when the ties are tied the top becomes impossible to take off. Therefore some sort of opening is needed.

I went for a zip down the side of the top. I had never sewn a zip on before but it was easy. I just cut down the side of the top, tacked the closed zip in place with pins, then hand stitched it onto the garment. I used a nifty gold zip.

I am still working on the top, hopefully will be able to add a completed pic later.

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