Candy Costume - Sexy Halloween Costume For Women

Candy costumes are colorful and fun, they look good enough to eat, and are great if you are looking for a sexy Halloween costume. You also get to have brightly colored hair which is a must for any candy girl.

The different interpretations by the designers of these costumes are fabulous, with plenty of cute details and candy accents to be seen. There are some delectable outfits to choose from, including figure hugging candy bar dresses, and OTT bright and colorful candy queen tutu style costumes.

What Makes A Great Candy Costume?

  • Candy Colors - Think bubblegum pink, pastel blues, bright yellows, garish greens, all of the colors that go into yummy candies.
  • Frills And Tiers - A candy costume is quite flirty, this look is achieved by tiered skirts, and frilly accents.
  • Ribbons And Bows - Pretty ribbons and girls bows are perfect, candy girls are quite feminine and a cute bow shows this.
  • Candy Details - Little popsicle buttons, and other cute details show that this is a serious candy lover!
  • Colorful Stockings - Most candy girl costumes are short, short, short, a pair of colorful stockings will accentuate the outfit nicely.
  • Cute Shoes - Colorful pumps or chunky Mary-Jane's are a great match!

Colorful Candy Costumes

I love these candy costumes, and the candy colors on them, a costume like these would look awesome with some ‘enamel’ pumps, also in candy colors.

All of these costumes feature tight tops and full skirts, with cute candy details, bows, and lace.

Super Bright Candy Girl Wigs

A candy color wig is perfect for a candy costume, wigs are much easier and less messy than dying your hair, and you can get some really cool ones, here are some that would look great with a candy costume.

Awesome Candy Inspired MakeUp

Candy Costume Stockings And Leggings

Candy colored stockings or cute candy leggings are imperative for a candy costume, chose legwear which feature a color that is in your costume for a nice 'flow'

Leggings can be worn under a ready to wear candy costume with skirt, and could also be teamed with a colorful tutu style skirt and appropriate top, to make your own version of a candy costume. .

Shoes For A Candy Costume

These shoes are a magical combination of colors, and a lot of fun! Adorned with colorful patterns and swirling colors. They are a candy girls dream! 
As well as these awesome colorful shoes, any brightly colored pair of pumps will do for a candy costume.

Get Candyfied! Candy Nail Tutorials

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