Gorgeous Spanish Costumes for Halloween

Great Spanish Costume Ideas For Women

Spanish costumes are great for for Halloween, fiesta, Cico De Mayo, or any other dress-up occasion, they typically feature black and red color combinations, and pretty feminine details such as roses, and lace.
Of course not everyone in Spain is walking around wearing these dresses, the average Spaniard likes to dress very modern and up-to date. Some of the short Spanish costumes are not true to life at all, but are fun and sexy, and ooze Spanish style charm.
I have chosen some gorgeous costumes for this page, in a range of typically Spanish themes, I have included outfits of all lengths and styles, so that there is something for all, I have included costumes for the young Senorita and costumes for the more Matriach too.
Spanish costumes bring back happy memories for me from when I lived in Andalucia, where you can go and watch dancers performing in cave bars in their beautiful Flamenco clothing.

What Makes A Good Spanish Costume?

  • Lace
    Black or red are the stereotypical colors to use.
  • Roses And Jasmine
    Roses are often seen in the hair at ceremonies, not just roses but Jasmine flowers too.
  • Shiny Satin
    Something for the lace to contrast nicely with.
  • Ruffles and Tiers
    Both of these feature heavily in flamenco dresses.
  • A Tight Bodice
    A nice tight bodice and flowing or full skirt is perfect for a Spanish costume.

I Love These Flamenco Dancer Costumes!

Flamenco dancing is much loved in Spain, when I was in Granada there were many small bars that you could visit to watch the flamenco, now you can re-create the experience at home, Oley! A flamenco dress is a classic choice for a spanish costume, there are some gorgeous designs to chose from, red is a dominant color and roses feature heavily, a spanish flamenco costume should be worn with some rose heels or black or red heels. There is a link to some gorgeous rose detail heels below the dresses, that will compliment them nicely.

Flamenco Dancer In Granada Spain

This video shows a Flamenco dancer in Granada, Spain. Which is also where I lived, and an awesome place!
She is dancing in a cave bar which is in Sacremonte, the Gypsy quarter of the city, I spent a lot of time in Sacramonte because it was the most beautiful and interesting place in Granada. Sacremonte means sacred mountain, it is opposite the Alhambra, and has amazing views.

El Chica Picante

The First costume shown here is my favourite sexy senorita costume of them all, I like the rose details on the dress and particularly on the net of the skirt, this is a gorgeous costume, it comes with a headpiece. The second costume has a cute removable skirt, click on the link to see how the costume comes apart.

These Shoes Would Suit A Spanish Costume

Sexy Spanish Make-up And Hair Tutorial - This look will go nicely with the sexy Spanish costumes further down.. 

This is one of the most striking hair and makeup tutorials that I have seen, an instant taste of Spain to go with your costume, and very affordable to achieve.

Spanish Hair Tutorial

This tutorial is for a fun Spanish look with a red rose accent, you need to have long hair to achieve this look, if not a wig is a great option, and some come ready styles with a rose.

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