Red Prom Dresses

Red is a fantastic color, it is bright, bold, and looks great on all skin tones, a red prom dress will make you stand out from the crowd and ensure that you are the belle of the ball!

 There are all kinds of  beautiful red formal dresses here that would be amazing for prom, in many different styles. Some have pretty beading details, or sparkling rhinestones, I have arranged them all into lengths to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

 All of the dresses here can be purchased online, if you click on the pictures you will see the details. I have picked out dresses that come in a good range of sizes, that means that the dresses featured here go into plus sizes too.

Which Colors Suit A Red Prom Dress?

Red evening dresses look best with; Other reds, silver, gold, pewter, purple, yellow, orange, black, or white, accessories.

Why Wear Red For Prom Or A Special Occasion? 

There have been many song lyrics written about red dresses, perhaps this is because red is such a bright and attractive color that it draws attention straight away.

We are subconsciously programmed from a very early age to look out for and pay attention to the color red.

Red is the color of warnings, and important information. The eye is drawn towards red naturally, so if you want to stand out in a crowd instantly, then a red dress is the way to go! 

My Top Picks

These dresses are a nice mixture of old and new, they have have interesting patterns, and pretty detailing, which make them an interesting and refreshing choice for a prom. I've included a selection of long and short dresses here, I have categorized the rest of the dresses on the page into; short, long, and knee-length, in that order.

Gorgeous Short Red Prom Dresses 

A short red prom dress is dramatic, attention grabbing, and is perfect for the warm weather.

Short Two Piece Prom Dresses in Red

These two piece prom dresses are cute and a bit different, a step away from the traditional prom dress but just as beautiful! (There are also longer versions which you can find further on down the page with the gowns.) The bodices are embellished, some with rhinestones and crystals, and some with pretty lace detailing and embroidery, they have a full skirt with matching details around the waistband.

Knee Length And Mid Length Red Prom Dresses 

Red is the color of danger! Danger, danger, one of these dresses might just give your prom date a heart attack! Knee-length prom dresses are making a big comeback especially with the 50's fashion revival in recent years.

Awesome Floor Length Red Prom Dresses  

A red gown is obviously captivating enough for Chris De Burgh to write a song about, and if you want to captivate people too then one of these dresses is a good place to begin.. Long and sweeping, you may sweep people of their feet!

Two Piece Long Red Prom Dresses

I am loving these two piece ball gowns, they remind me of some of the gorgeous outfits worn by the dancers in Bollywood movies. The long versions are my favorites and next time I need something beautiful and unique to wear I'm going to go with a two piece. Perfect for the summer, and great to show off a tan.

Beautiful Red Ball Gowns 

These red ball gowns are showstoppers!