Ancient Pottery Pendant

I found this piece of ancient pottery years ago in a stream in the woods, it was just lying there amongst the stones and I was really excited when I found it. I have been keeping it safe and when I used to travel I would take it with me in my pocket, like a good luck charm.

I have always wanted to wear this pottery on a pendant, because it seems such a shame to just have it sitting in a cabinet, and I am always scared of losing it from my pocket...

I decided to finally make it into a pendant, I make quite a lot of pendants and charms from cute things that I have found, but I had been putting this one off because I thought that it would be quite hard to wire, it turned out that it was a bit fiddly because it's flat and delicate, so I couldn't grip the wire against it with the pliers like I would normally. I also had to use some wires across the front, but it wasn't as hard as I thought and I like the end result, it's much better than it sitting unseen in a cabinet. I also added some amethyst chips to one of the wires to bring a bit of color.

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