Moroccan Wedding Kaftans (Moroccan Caftan Takhita) - The Most Beautiful And Unique Dresses

These colorful concoctions are the most beautiful and unique dresses that I have seen! Ever! The colors, embellishments, attention to detail, and interesting dress designs, really float my fashion boat! - Can you tell?

These types of dresses are called Moroccan Caftan Takhita, Moroccan Wedding Caftans, or Dress Takhita. They come in an array of unique designs which can be brightly colored or more subtle tones like the black and white dress in the first row of pictures.

As you can see from my selection here Moroccan style wedding dresses can be very different from each other, a few things that they do all have in common is that they are striking, unusual, and highly detailed.

Looking at the exquisite dresses below one might think that they are going to be expensive, not at all! Most of the dresses featured are under $500 and the most expensive is below $700.  For an evening dress this unusual and stunning, these prices are low, low, low!

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