80s Costume Ideas

The 80's was a fun and exciting era for me, I was growing up and was old enough to get to wear a lot of the colorful 80's fashions. Due to films like Flashdance and Fame it seemed like everyone wanted to be a dancer in those days, my friends and I used to get dressed up in our bright neon outfits and dance to the popular songs in her garden, we would even show up for school rockin' our neon leg-warmers!

It's fun to re-create those times with a cute 1980's costume, and it gives me a sense of nostalgia to look at these in-your-face outfits, and I keep being struck by how much fun we used to have getting ready in the 1980's, and how much color played a part in our outfits. I do like neon colors.....

What I Was Wearing In The 80's

In the 80′s I was wearing short skirts that had netting inside them that made the skirt stand out, my favorite skirt like this was black with white dots, it had black netting inside, we would wear these skirts with leggings (they were darn short skirts) and a wide tight belt, the wider and tighter the better. On top it would be a cut off t-shirt or cut off sweatshirt, corset style top, or off the shoulder top.
I used to team this look with a perm, hair tie, leg warmers and roller skates!! High heels also look great, something like an open toe pump is perfect.

We loved neon colors, the brighter the better and big hair, makeup was not subtle and lots of bright colors were used.

1980's Fabrics - satin, lace, netting/mesh, lycra/spandex, leather

Why Choose An 80's Inspired Halloween Costume?

You can have so much fun with an 80′s costume, and lets face it, they all look pretty cute too, so that a definite bonus! There are so many cool accessories and hairstyles, that you can find a really personal 80′s look.

80′s costumes are a great idea for if a group of you want to go out in similar costumes, you can stick to a theme but still all look different.

80' Pop Star Costumes

These outfits reminds me of Kim Wilde or Madonna in their heydays, they feature tiered skirts, bright neon colors, and mesh detailing.

Cute 80's Bride Costume

Classic 80′s pop video bride, put this on and sing along to ‘White Wedding!”

Arrrghhh It's Scary 80's Hair!!

Fortunately you won't have to hack away at your hair with one of those razor things, that my mum used to brandish in the 80's! You can get the shocking hair in a little more gentle and less permanent way, with one of these 1980's style wigs.

Cute 80's Costume Accessories 

Add some chunky plastic neon bangles, massive earrings,  neon legwarmers, hair bows, and you are ready to go!

Make Your Own 80's Costume

Leotards Are Very 80's!

A leotard is a good starting point for an 80′s costume, they are low priced and come in a wide range of colors, the 80′s is all about color, so pick neons if you can.

Leotards can be worn with short tiered skirts, or with a cut off-sweat shirt. Team them with leg warmers and pumps for that 80′s look.
Here are other items that can be mixed and matched to make a cool 80's outfit.
  • leg warmers
  • leggings
  • crop tops
  • cropped jackets
  • cropped sweatshirts
  • tutu skirts
  • tiered skirts
  • tutu dresses
  • pumps
  • pixie boots
  • Basques

80's Fashion Tutorial

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