Flat Prom Shoes And Evening Slippers

Gorgeous Flats For Prom And Special Occasions

For the past couple of years I have been suffering with sore feet, sometimes I have to resort to flats even on a night out, one of the problems I have had is finding beautiful flat shoes that are suitable for evening and special occasion wear.

Sometimes it can be a pain to find beautiful flat shoes for proms or other special occasions, there seem to be loads of colorful and fancy pairs of heels, but not much in the way of awesome dressy flats.
To equal the balance a bit I have compiled this guide of pretty flat prom shoes, the shoes are arranged in colors to make it easy to compare them, and all have flat or very, very low heels.
These shoes are great for special occasions, and have been picked out with a prom in mind, they feature pretty details, and are just as eye-catching as a pair of high heels.

My Favorite Flats For A Prom

Designers have not forgotten the humble flat, and there are a lot of very nice shoes being produced, that have no heel. These are some of my favorite pairs; Suitable for evenings and any time you need a pair of comfortable but gorgeous shoes. Of course not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford designer flats, so there are plenty of lower priced options on this page.

Gorgeous Gold Evening And Bridal Flats

This selection of gold sandals make beautiful evening shoe choices. Gold goes well with nearly all other colors, a gold pair of evening flats can be worn, again, and again, with many other outfits.

Flat Black Evening Slippers And Sandals

Like the gold shoes featured, these black prom flats can be worn with any dress color to create a nice scheme, and will come in useful many times after prom too.

Sophisticated Silver Evening Slippers

The really great thing about silver is that it will compliment most other colors, this is why everyone should have a pair of beautiful silver flats in their closet, for special occasions.

Red Evening Slippers And Sandals

If you want you red prom flats to really stand out, wear them with something short, something with a red accent that matches your shoes would look amazing, or a red dress in the shoe color would also look fab. Red is a wonderful color for shoes, it looks good with a variety of other colors especially neutral colors, a long white dress which reveals a flash of red shoe is very becoming.

What To Look For When Buying Flat Shoes... - Flat shoes can be bad for your feet, follow these tips to find the right shoe...
1. Sole Thickness: If you are going to be on your feet for any amount of time, or have to walk a distance, then choose flat shoes which have a thicker sole. This sole provides comfort and absorbs shock from the hard ground. It is no fun wearing ultra flatties and stepping on something hard like a stone,either. So the thicker the sole the better.

If you are not going to be too active and just want a pretty pair for an evening then go ahead and get very-flat-shoes, if you are not wearing them too long or walking in them much they will not do any permanent damage.
2. Flat Feet or Corns: If you have flat feet it would be better to go for a shoe that has a slight wedge heel. These heels will provide a gentle elevation, and take the pressure off of the middle and sides of the foot. Shoes with a slight wedge are great for people with corns at the side and bottom of the foot too.

3. Sandal Comfort: When choosing thong sandals look for the tube of gel-like plastic that sits at the bottom of the thong, this is very important for avoiding painful rubbing between the toes.

I enjoy jazzing-up my shoes, here's a pair that I embellished with rhinestones..

This is a pair of rhinestone flats that I made from a plain pair of very cheap sandals. I also made some gorgeous low heeled wedges for prom too.

It was super-easy to re-vamp these shoes, and of course it was a lot of fun too! They only cost $7 and that includes the actual sandals and rhinestone details too!
Before I re-vamped this pair they were very ugly, with the soles sticking out too far beyond the end of my toes, the rhinestone details turned this space into a very beautiful and eye-catching area, instead of an ugly plain one!