My Style - Elemental Jewelry - Crystal Wire Wrap Pendants

I have been quite busy lately doing outdoors stuff and have not had a chance to do many wire wrappings until this week. I have been making wire wrapped jewelry and charms for a while now and really enjoy it. Especially handling all of the beautiful crystals and minerals.

 I like to find as many of the items I use in the jewelry myself, which gives me a good excuse to spend some time out in the country, or at the beach, hunting for cute things like crystals, sea glass, shells, and minerals to tumble.

I use all natural elements in my designs, and each of the pieces has a meaning or use. Supplies that I can't find myself I get from ebay, which is an awesome place to shop! I think I am addicted to ebay as it happens, and can spent hours just looking at the different stones and jewelry making supplies available. I find every part of this hobby relaxing and enjoyable.

There are many ways to wire wrap an item, at the moment I just like to let the item guide me.

A Few OF My Latest Crystal Wire Wrap Pendants...