Funny Fashion Memes - Stuff I Do When I'm Bored!

I have become addicted to making funny fashion memes :0 Well, 'funny' is subjective so I apologize if I am just not funny at all, hahha! Seriously though, this is a lot of fun, I am clearly spending too much time alone!

Next time you are bored why not try making some of your own fashion memes? All you need is a good source of public domain pictures, image editing software, and a weird mind.

I like to use old and vintage images to make my memes, sometimes I will make personalized ones for friends too, these ones I make into Birthday or Christmas cards, which are happily received (thank god)

The one below for example which is aimed at a friend who loves upcycling even more than me. The thought of he upcycling some road kill and hanging it about her person, ha!

Choose images that tell a story, and then have fun making a scene, sometimes the picture will tell the whole tale and you just need some text, others you might like to add a prop too, like the blue fedora in the fashion meme below. The medieval ladies seemed to be bitching about something, which is what inspired me to make that one... 
Grandmas Pinterest Obsession

This next one has nothing to do with fashion, I made it for my partner on Valentines Day...

Oh and this one, good job he has a disturbed sense of humor too!

Good resources for making your own fashion memes are; Wikipedia, Karen's Whimsy, font squirrel, and These sites offer free to use clip art, photos, and vintage images in the public domain.

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