Cheap Black Heels

Gorgeous Black Heels For Low Prices

This page features all kinds of cheap black heels, these shoes are all under $50, so won't break the bank. I have chosen a range of cheap black heels that don't look cheap at all, in fact many of them are quite beautiful!

I have split the shoes up into styles because that's how I roll :) One of my many hobbies is jazzing-up shoes, so you will also find some cute tutorials, and ideas on how to re-vamp a pair of low priced shoes to really make them awesome.

Black heels look good with any outfit, they are the most versatile shoe color that there is, and will never go out of fashion, those are three very good reason to invest in a pair, even if they are low priced ones :)

Why I Love Cheap Black Heels!

Sometimes it can be hard to find a nice pair of cheap black heels that don't look cheap, maybe you have a new job, or need to get some shoes quick, or maybe a special occasion, or prom and you don't have the budget to stretch to shoes and an outfit.

I have been there myself many times, sometimes I just don't want to pay out for a more expensive pair of shoes, as I may only wear them a few times, this is another occasion when I will opt for a nice cheap pair of shoes.

I re-modeled these cheap black wedges! - Rhinestone Shoe Tutorial

If you want a pair of stunning shoes, but don't have the budget then why not add to a nice pair of plain black heels?

I picked up the pair of shoes in the picture for a miserly $18 and added rhinestone details to make them look much more expensive!

You can find out how to bling-up your own pair of cheap black heels below, click on the pic to view my tutorial. A Pair Of Low Priced Black Shoes Turned Into Rhinestone Heel Beauties!

These Cute Pumps Are Not Expensive!

Sweet Black Color Blocking Patent Leather Women's Pumps

Smart Black Shoes For Work Or Play! 

Black Glitter Sequin Pointed Toe Dress Pumps
Black pumps are a wardrobe staple, everyone should have at least one pair. It can start to get really expensive when you are trying to keep up with the latest fashions,but these pumps won't ever go out of fashion, black is 'the' most classic color for shoes and the pumps is perhaps the most classic type of shoe style, so you can't really fail!

Black pumps are a staple of any wardrobe, they go with most outfits and are a fab stand-by shoe when all else fails. Perfect for work, and play, and always stylish.

This selection Is Perfect For A Working Wardrobe

Chunky Black Platform Pumps

I love platform pumps for a start they are actually easier to walk in than regular heels, thsese pairs of cheap black heels would look knock-out with a whole host of outfits, why not try them with leggings, for a sleek and sexy look.

The second pair are a modern take on the classic black platform pump, love the ribbon details!

Black Chunky Heel Terry Sexy Platform Pumps For WomenWomens 054

Smart But Cheap Black Lace Pumps

Black pumps are great for work and play, they look good with office clothes, as well as casual daytime clothes, and best of all, they can be utilized very well for more formal occasions and of course, parties!

The first pair have lace panels with a T-strap, and the second a nice pair of black lace court shoes.

Sexy Black PU Leather Lace Stiletto Heel Women's Dress Pumps

Up-Cycling Old Black Pumps

This lady is giving a pair of old black pumps a make-over, she is showing how to cover the heel with sparkling black glitter, to hide damage and make the shoes beautiful again. A great tip for rescuing old shoes or for beautifying a plain pair of high heels.

Low Cost Rhinestone Wedding Pumps

I think out of all the cheap black heels on this page, these are my favourites. I think these shoes would be ideal for a wedding or party outfit. These are bound to give your friends shoe envy!

Beautiful And Low Priced Open Toe Pumps

These cheap black heels are pretty and perfect for summer parties, nights out and formal occasions.

Open Toe Black Sequin Pumps - Cheap As Chips!

Sequin heels are very 'in' right now, so this black sequin open toe pump is perfect for parties and special occasions, black sequins look great when the light plays on them and these shoes will certainly not look cheap on your feet!

Turn Boring Black Shoes Into Prom Stunners

The re-modelled sling backs in the video really are very pretty and perfect for a prom or fancy occasion. Learn how they were made and re-create your own pair with some old, boring shoes. You don't have to use slingbacks, you could add the gem and flower details to any type of shoe and they would look just as lovely.

A Pair Of Low Price Prom Shoes?

I like the simple yet beautiful designs on these black  sling-backs, these certainly don't look like a pair of cheap black heels. I think these shoes would be awesome for evenings, parties, proms, and other special events.

Pretty Slingbacks That Won't Break The Bank
Low Priced Black Slingback Pumps

Slingbacks look really good with short, and mid length dresses, and Capri pants, which show them off better than longer items of clothing.

Chic But Cheap Black Sandals

Black sandals look good with a dress of any length, they also look great with trousers and even better if you pay attention to your toe nails, paint them black or in a bright contrasting color.

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