Armageddon Fashion - Don't Do It!

Every time I look at this Polyvore set of mine I feel nervous...

You see, I made this set the night that a comet was going to pass close to the earth... There was a lot of talk of it going off course and wiping us all out, so I decided to try to calm my nerves by picking out a day and night look for the event.

Anyhoo' I made my collage, had a laugh, and went to bed relaxed. In the morning when I woke I saw on the news that a meteor(s) had hit Russia. I was more than terrified, thinking we were all going to be wiped out by bits of space rock, and it was all my fault for taking the piss out of the comet.

I hastily deleted the set from Polyvore (this pic is saved from my Pinterest), then went back to bed and lay there waiting for the meteors to rain down. Lesson learned! 

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