How To Make A Pendant From Found Objects - DIY Fashion Challenge

*I am running my daily DIY fashion challenge weekly now as I am really busy at the moment.

Wire wrapped pendants are simple to make (if a little fiddly). The great thing about them is that you can harness almost any found object and turn it into something wearable. I have made wire wrap pendants out of a multitude of items in the past, sea glass, shells, pretty stones, crystals, and even out of pieces of ancient pottery that can be found scattered in the fields near where I live.

Today I will be making a new pendant, I make jewelry to sell, but also like to make it for myself too, I will be making a cute pebble pendant to add to my collection, and showing you how to make one too.

Below are some of my designs made from things that I have found, the first is made from two pieces of sea glass, the second a piece of pottery.

Make Your Own Wire Wrapped Pendants

Wire wrapped jewelry can be as rustic or as sophisticated as you like, I am going to show a simple technique, which can also be used to make more showy pieces. As you get confident with the wire start to play around, bend the spare wire to make loops and curls etc, add gemstone beads and other details to the design.

Two more advanced pieces that I made using simple wire wrapping techniques...

Wire Wrap Pebble Pendant Tutorial

This technique can also be used to wrap sea glass, shells, and crystals.

Step By Step Instructions

1. Take two pieces of jewelry wire that are double the length of the object that you intend to wrap. I use 0.8mm wire for this part.

2. Hold them in a cross position and bend the first wire over the second.

3. Pull the ends of the second wire tight and wrap the first bit of wire around it tightly. The place where the wire is wrapped will be the bottom of the pendant.

4. Arrange the wires so that they are in a cross shape, if any of the wire has become bent use long nose pliers to straighten it.

5 - 6. Sit the pebble or other object with the bottom on the wrapped wires, gently gather the wires up so that they bend around the outside of the object, and meet at the top.

7. Use smaller grade wire (0.6mm) to very tightly wrap around these wires, then secure the wire wrap in place. OR use one of the gathered wires, just pull it tightly and wrap it around the other wires, then snip with wire cutters.

8. Now you can decide what to do with the wire ends.

9. One of them needs to be curled around to make the bail, I pick the longest wire and curl it around a crochet needle 3 times, then snip the end with wire cutters.

10. The other wires could be cut off neatly, curled, or have beads threaded onto them.

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