Tan Leather Boots, Sequins, And Suede Blazer - My Style

This is a casual outfit that I have thrown together for Fall. (I am squinting a bit in the middle pic, lol!) the base colors for the look are brown tones and grey. This is a nice comfy outfit for shopping and that is exactly where I am off to in the pics...


 I am wearing...

  • Tan leather boots from Clarkes - These were reduced from $500 to $130 (yay!) 
  •  Black skinny jeans which have worn to a soft grey color. I usually throw jeans away when they start to go grey instead of black, but I like the way these look in grey. The jeans cost just $50. 
  • A sequin tank which was $60 from Amazon 
  • A gorgeous tan suede jacket which cost just $60 in a sale. This was bought in the UK in Bay Trading.
  • Chandelier Earrings in orange and browns, which I made myself.

This outfit is also great when I substitute the jeans for denim shorts, but today was windy and cold, so I went for the jeans instead.

I Fricking Love My Suede Jacket!

I love the soft muted color of my tan suede jacket, (well, I say jacket, but actually I mean blazer jacket.) It has quite wide lapels, and a two button closure. It is soft to the touch too, and surprisingly warm, way too warm to wear in summer, which is unfortunate because this means I have to wear it in Spring or Fall, and it generally rains here during Spring and Fall!

If I wear this out I am forever taking it off to protect the suede from the rain! - Luckily this blazer is lightweight and can be rolled up and put in my bag away from the wet. Sometimes these surprise rain episodes leave me shivering with no coat as I want to protect the suede more than myself, lol!

It looks good with smart and casual clothing, but generally I wear it with casuals.

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