Easy Rhinestone Wedge DIY

Turn a pair of cheap wedges into pretty rhinestone prom shoes, with this easy tutorial. 

I found these cork heel wedges in a cheap shoe store for just $18 and jazzed them up with rhinestone accents. The rhinestones cost just $3, and it only took one hour to complete the pair.

For this rhinestone shoe tutorial you will need, UHU glue, rhinestone strips or single rhinestones, and a pair of heels to up-cycle.

For text instructions please look below the infographic... :)

I used pre-stuck rhinestones that come on a strip for this tutorial, these are bendy, it's easy to take a strip and bend it around the heel, however the rhinestones were not adhesive enough, so I am dabbing each stone with UHU glue, using a matchstick

Start making your shoes by taking a strip of rhinestones, dabbing with glue, and sticking the strip to the top of the heel, just under where the shoe begins. Bend the strip of stones around to follow the shape of the heel.

If you are finding it hard to follow the shape of the shoe, use your fingernail as a barrier. (keep your thumbnail just in front of the start of the shoe, use it as a guide and also to push down any uneven stones.

Remove any stones that overlap to the sole, and congrats the first band of stones is complete. 

Now add another band in the same way, you might like to use smaller rhinestones for this band, I used bigger ones for the very first line and smaller ones under that.

After you have a few bands of one color rhinestones, you might like to start building up colored strips, I have used hot pink rhinestones on mine. These really 'pop' against the silver.

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