Beaded Wrap Bracelet

One of the most beautiful and interesting jewelry trends is the beaded wrap bracelet. There are some wonderful examples below, with all kinds of pretty beads and color combinations.

Generally a beaded wrap bracelet is a coil of leather thong, with beads strung across the coils to build up the bracelet. They are real statement pieces and a very versatile piece of jewelry, as many of them are suitable to be worn with casual or formal clothing.

Making a beaded wrap bracelet is on my to-do list, very soon. I have already found a few tutorials on Pinterest (I love Pinterest!)The bracelets look pretty simple to make and I already have the beads etc, as I make jewelry. The only thing I don't have is leather thong, but I can get some easily.

I just showed the picture of the bracelet below (that's my fave beaded wrap bracelet) to my partner and said "I want to make something like this.."
He said "Hmmm, there's lots of small little bits and things..." duh, yeah... those are the beads! What planet is he on?

My Own D.I.Y Wrap Bracelet

I knew the temptation to try to make my own D.I.Y beaded wrap bracelet would be too strong, even though I did not have any leather cord and could not find my embroidery silks! 

I made a prototype with some turquoise cord, and I used tigertail wire in place of the embroidery thread. In all I was really happy with how the bracelet turned out. It is far too messy to be worn though, as the tigertail pulls the cord out of shape. 

I will be making my beaded wrap bracelet again properly soon, and will share the tutorial here.

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