Spider Web Top Tutorial

I've been busy making two versions of a spider web top for Halloween, one for me and one for my partner. They were quite easy to make, just a little time consuming (though using a craft knife instead of scissors to slash the t-shirt, makes it much faster, as long as the knife is sharp enough to cut the fabric cleanly.)

These creepy concoctions are a simple way to make a cool last minute Halloween costume. They can be worn over bare skin, but I think they look the best with a contrasting color top under. Red looks really effective against the black web, so does white. A white T-shirt made into a spider web top looks great with a black base.

A large men's T could also be used in this way to make a spider web dress, after Halloween I intend to fashion my partners spider web T into a cute dress/beach cover-up. (this was not to be, see update at the bottom of the post.)

How To Make A Spider Web T-Shirt

  • Take a dark color top - a t-shirt or vest top is great. Use chalk and a ruler to draw a spider web design into the t-shirt or vest.

  • If using a craft knife, you need to stuff the inside of the t-shirt or top with a piece of flat cardboard, this keeps the fabric taught and makes it easier to cut.
  • Take the knife or scissors and begin to cut the spider web design into the fabric.

  • Do one column of cuts at a time, make the cuts as neat as you can.
  • After you've cut a few of the spider web columns, begin to stretch the cut fabric strips (lengthways), this curls the fabric and makes the spider web show out.

  • Cut the next columns of slits and repeat the stretching process.

All kinds of looks can be achieved by moving the position of the spider web, the size and number of cuts made, or even by adding multiple webs to the t-shirt.

I have used the whole of my partners T-shirt for the spider web, the web radiates from the bottom side of the top.

This is my version, I used the whole top as a web, and placed the spider web radiating from the chest.

UPDATE - My Partner Sold His T-Shirt! How Dare He!

OK, an update on the spider web top, my partner wore his out busking and ended up selling it!! For the paltry sum of $4!! According to him someone just came up to him and asked to buy it. hmmmm. 

Not sure if I'm offended that they only paid $4, or that I'm happy that someone liked it enough to remark on it and make an offer. :0 Anyhoo' I pointed out to him that it took me about 4 hours to make, and that I wanted to take a picture if him actually wearing my hard work... 

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