Deconstructed Denim Skirt (A Work In Progress)

This is a work in progress, I admit it does look a bit incomplete at the moment, but will hopefully grow into something interesting (I was going to say 'beautiful' but I think that's too far fetched!)

What this raggy looking item is going to be is a deconstructed denim skirt. It is made from a pair of jeans, which I cut across at the crotch, to make the skirt waistband, and long strips of denim from the legs of the jeans (cut in half length ways), which I have been pinning onto the waistband to form the skirt.

Pic 1 shows the skirt with 1 strip of denim pinned - Pic 2 shows it with 3 strips of denim pinned 


Some of the strips have been folded and others are woven around each other, at the moment each strip is secured with pins because I want to be able to easily change things before I begin to sew.  - I've changed the design at least 4 times, I think it flows nicely now though.

I wanted to see block and triangle designs in my skirt, (formed by the different shaded denim) and one of the main design problems that I had to overcome was that I would get carried away, forget about flow, and then random irregular shapes would appear and ruin the look of the design.

These pictures (below) show what I mean about irregular shapes;

There are weird almost zig-zag shapes, and other random 'patterns' in the first picture. The second picture is a bit better but not great, still some random shapes, plus I wanted much more of an angle on the hem line. The third pic contains only block shapes and triangles, and has a steeper lines which look much better. - Like the shapes are radiating from the waistband, and not like they are hanging about with no purpose!

The front is not finished, I have a few ideas of what I am going to do though, and I'm pretty excited! 

The back of the skirt needs to be constructed still too, when I am done with the front I will stitch everything together, and then begin working on the back. I have no idea what I will do with it.

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