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Free Printable Crowns And Crown Templates - With Ideas On Making And Decorating Your Own Crown

Making a crown is a cheap and fun project for kids to enjoy, it is something that is very creative, and doubly exciting! ~ First is the fun of making it, and second the excitement of wearing it.
Crowns are popular choices for kids birthday parties, and dress-up games. There are lots of different types too, for Kings and Queens, and even for lovers of pink polka dots!
Don't worry if designing one for your child seems a bit complicated, this page has many links to headgear, that can be easily colored and cut out to make a masterpiece that any King or Queen would be proud to wear.

How to make a crown from gift wrap and rhinestones!

This sparkly regal headdress took me about half an hour to make, and was a lot of fun!
First I printed off a crown template and stuck it onto a piece of card to give it some strength. I cut round the template when the glue was dry.
When the template was cut out I covered it with a thin layer of PVA glue, on top of this layer I stuck some pretty wrapping paper. This is called decoupage. When the glue was dry I cut the spare gift wrap away.
I then did the same thing with a smaller band of contrasting gift wrap, this band was glued along the bottom of the crown.
When this was dry I began to stick bands of sparkling rhinestones along the bottom band of the crown. The middle part was looking bare, so I added another band there, with a large jewel in the center of the crown.
These crowns could be made smaller - like for kids teddies and dollies too, a child might like their favorite toy to have a matching crown.

Crowns To Make And Wear - Free Printable Crowns For Boys And Girls

These useful sheets can be colored and printed, then used to make a crown. (See the module below the links for instructions on how to construct once it is printed)
Some of the crowns featured are ready colored, some can be colored, and some even have accents that you can print off, color, and stick on.

How To Construct The Crown Once It's Printed

There are two easy ways to make a crown once it is printed, first of all, mount the it onto thin to medium strength card with pva glue. Cut round it.
When the template is cut out, see how far it stretches around your childs head. You have two options now to make the crown fit.
1. Print the same template again, color, mount on card etc, then stick to the other one to make a complete circle.
2. Cut a band that fits around your child's head and mount the cut-out template onto that.

Free Princess Crowns To Print

These cute princess crowns are a very cheap way to keep a child happy for hours, perfect for all kinds of dress-up games, birthday parties, and just for fun.
Most of these crowns have colored versions, and versions that the child can color or decorate themselves.

Decorating A Homemade Crown

Decoupage - Use pretty paper to cover your crown, you could use tissue paper or there is a huge variety of wrapping paper available that can be used. If you are someone who keeps old gift wrap and is looking for a use for it then decoupage is a good one.
Glitter - What kid doesn't enjoy abit of glitter action, add some sparkle with glitter.
Sequins - One of my favorite things to do to decorate something is to use sequins, glue in lines of color, or just use random sequins for a regal headdress that will sparkle like jewels when the light hits it.
Rhinestones And Jewels - You can get rhinestones which come on sticky strips, and all kinds of stick-on jewels. These can be stuck on a crown to make it extra pretty. The stick-on jewels stick to paper and card well, but the heavier ones might need a blob of glue to keep them on.

These are some of the things you could decorate with....

Some of the cute decorations that I mentioned in the list above, I use all of the items below when crafting, and can especially recommend the stick-on jewels and rhinestones,

Club Pack Of Foam Tiaras To Decorate

These are great for a princess themed birthday party, or a sleepover. A pack of 12 foam tiaras that can be decorated by kids to make their perfect princess head gear.
These are really low priced and probably work out cheaper than printing out 12 crowns on the pc.

Ideas For Other Home Made Crown Uses

Dolly and Teddy Crowns
You could make one for anything from a teddy to a Barbie doll, one of the things I do for entertainment is re-vamp Barbies, and a crown makes her look a million dollars. I will be doing a tutorial soon showing how to make a tiny one from a cardboard tube.
Festive Decorations
Small decorated crowns could be hung on the tree in the holiday season, or used on a table as decoration, napkin ring, or name holder.
Card Making
Decorate and stick flat crowns onto blank cards for cute greetings cards
I used to work in a florist and we made many beautiful gift displays with cellophane. A decorated crown of any size, could be placed in the center of a square of cellophane, the center of it stuffed with candy or gifts, then the cellophane gathered up and pulled upwards and tied with a ribbon.

How To Make A Crown For Kids From Plasterboard

This video shows how to make an easy kids kings hat from plasterboard, this one can be made very quickly and looks cute. It also uses some of the stick-on jewels that I was talking about above.

About Crowns - Where do crowns come from?

The earliest crowns that were made from metal were like headbands and were worn around the head, the Romans used to wear this type of headband, and other ancient civilizations had their own versions.

The spiked type of crown that most of us think of when we picture one is called a radiant crown, and was first worn by Roman members of a sun cult, with the spikes representing the suns rays.

Who could have imagined that the crown would be so symbolic! In the modern age this type of radiating design was most often worn in Scandinavia and northern countries.

There are no crowns as of yet that have survived from ancient times, though so we get our information from artwork and writings from those times.The earliest crown that has been found is the Iron Crown of Lombardy, which is a thick band-like design with many precious stones in it.

Image Credit Old Crown From Denmark Wikipedia

Free Printable Crown Coloring Pages

These crown coloring pages can be used for loads of different home-made projects. Of course they can be colored, afterwards why not use them as, Christmas decorations, on greetings cards, or as cute hand-made gift tags.

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