Black Swan Costume

The black swan and her downward spiral into madness and despair makes this a perfect choice for a Halloween costume. Plus you get to wear weird eye make-up, feathery stuff and wings :) What could be better than that?

There are a few really awesome black swan costumes around, that come ready to wear, but you could also try to make your own. A simple black swan costume could be made with a black corset dress, feathers, and a pair of black wings.

Some Of My Favorite Black Swan Costumes

Gorgeous feathery details and sexy style make these black swan costumes my favorites, these could be worn with black costume wings, black swan style sandals or ballet pumps, and a sexy black swan inspired face mask. - All of these accessories can be found further down the page.

Junior Black Swan Costume

This cute black swan costume is for juniors but would fit lower size women too. It has an air or fragility about it, just like the black swans state of mind!

Wings For A Black Swan Costume

A black swan costume can be worn with  or without black feather wings. I would always choose to wear mine with the wings because they are just so darn cool! Of course black feather wings can be used again with a different costume in the future too, fallen angel anyone

Shoes For A Black Swan Costume

I always love picking out the shoes for various costume articles that I write, good job too as sometimes it can take hours to find the right pair. I am lucky today focusing on black swan costumes, as all that you need are black ballet pumps, or the awesome black swan inspired sandals made by Ellie shoes.

Black Swan Masks

There are lots of beautiful black swan style masks around that would look great with your costume. Here are four of my favorites!

Black Swan Eye Makeup Kit

This neat little black swan eye make-up kit comes with stickers to recreate the black swans complex eye makeup.

These stickers take a little while to get the hang of, and must be very carefully removed from the backing paper. 

There are tips on using these black swan eye makeup kits on youtube.

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